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Plans and Projects in Need of Your Support for 2024/25:

We urgently require over $506K for:

New Living Quarters: Critical due to unstable structure and asbestos risk. Funding needed: $150K-$200K+ (Previously postponed due to funding shortfall)

Orphanage Classroom Upgrade: Expansion to include grades 11 and 12. Funding needed: $50K-$100K

Sustained Orphanage Support: Essential funding for 135 girls. Total: $54K

Self-Sufficiency Program, College Fees: Support for 26 girls entering 12th grade. Total: $62K

Self-Sufficiency Program, Vocational Training: For 11 girls post-12th grade. Total: $27K

Solar Power Expansion to cut energy costs: Upgrade to 20KW. Total: $20K

Infrastructure Enhancements: Including hand washing sinks, doors, water tower removal, and monsoon protection. Total: $15K

Self-Sufficiency Program, Educational Support: For 9 girls entering 11th grade. Total: $15K

Asbestos Roof Repairs: To ensure safety. Total: $7K

Essential Supplies: Over 130 uniforms, shoes, socks, bags, books. Total: $5K

Technology Access: 2 laptops for educational purposes. Total: $1K

…and other vital projects.

Impact of NALAM: Key Achievements in 2023:

Sustained Orphanage Support: Essential funding for 120 girls. Total: $45K

Vocational Training: Supported 13 girls post-10th grade for $20K

Infrastructure Improvements: Enhanced orphanage infrastructure and sanitation facilities, $15K

Rehabilitation Project: Initiated a program for 426 disabled children, improving health, social status, and opportunities

Self-Sufficiency, Continued Education: Funded 11 girls entering 12th grade for $14.5K

Disabled Children’s Program: Relaunched within orphanage grounds, est. budget $20K, in partnership with a German NGO

Community Project: Expanded goat project benefiting 50 families with 100 goats for $15K, in partnership with a German NGO

Health Initiatives: Funded vital eye surgery for $1.5K

Nutrition Enhancement: Improved overall nutrition for $10K

Facilities Upgrade: Acquired sports/playground equipment for $6K and installed a water filtration system for $10K

Education Quality: Introduced English and Self-Defense classes for $2K

… and more achievements in our journey towards a better future. Community projects are vital to assure good public opinion of orphanage. Amounts are rough estimates. Refer to annual reports for actuals.

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