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Our Organization

NALAM is a registered non-profit in Germany and the US.

In line with the Transparente Zivilgesellschaft initiative, we are committed to providing public access and regular updates to the following ten critical pieces of information:

1. Name, Location, Address, and Year of Establishment
Name, address, and contact details. See About Us.
Founded in 2014 in DE (see DE Founding Minutes), 2023 in the US.
Main contacts: Ute Keller (DE), Dr. Ulrich Keller (US).

2. Statutes and goals of our organization
NALAM is a registered NGO in Germany and in the US. We are dedicated to helping those in need, with a focus on supporting female orphans and promoting education and among women in India (primary focus, DE and US) and Africa (minor focus, DE only). We also combat poverty through education and training for children and adolescents. The organization operates selflessly, with no pursuit of self-economic gains, and funds are used solely for our mission. No donations are distributed among our NGO members. See DE Statutes here.

3. Information on DE Tax Exemption
Most recent DE Tax Exemption Notice (Freistellungsbescheid 2022) from Kaiserslautern tax office with German tax number 19/672/29816. Verbandsgemeinde Landstuhl, Amtsgericht Kaiserslautern Vereinsregister 30575. See DE Exemption Notice here, DE Registry here. ‍

4. Name and Function of Decision Makers
Nalam operates entirely on the efforts of dedicated volunteers:
Ute Keller, Founder & Chairperson, NALAM (DE)
Dr. Ulrich Keller, Founder & Chairperson, NALAM (DE/US)
Julia Anoil, Local Events & Fundraising, NALAM (DE)
Minjun Arial Chen, Treasurer, NALAM (US/CA)
Dominik Arnold, Digital and Fundraising NALAM (DE)
Fernando Aguilar, Web Designer & Marketing, NALAM (VE/ES)
Nicola Pellegrino, Secretary & Fundraising, NALAM (IT/IE)
Along with additional supportive board and team members

5. Activity Report
See Impact Report (pages 4-17)  

6. Personnel Structure
As a small organization, we are committed to delivering accurate and comprehensive information to the best of our abilities. See Approach and Personal Structure (pages 38-39).

7. Information About Source of Funds
We gathered funds through on-the-ground events, countless individual contributions, collaborations with German family foundations, and a corporate goodness donation initiative. Refer to the latest Annual Report 2023 and earlier editions (starting from p. 17).

8. Information About the Use of Funds
Refer to the latest Annual Report 2023 and earlier editions (starting from p. 17)

9. Affiliated third parties

10. Names of persons whose annual contribution exceeds ten percent of our total annual income
Schöck-Familien-Stiftung GmbH


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