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Rekha, since 2021

Rekha, born January 1st, 2014, is a half-orphan living at the orphanage since the tragic loss of her grandmother. With her father having passed away and her mother remarried, Rekha faced the harsh reality of neglect and starvation.
A village elder intervened at this crucial point, leading her to the safety of our orphanage. Admitted here, Rekha encountered a nurturing environment that offered her opportunities she never dreamt possible.
Your contributions play a significant role in transforming lives like Rekha's, providing hope and paving the path for a brighter future.

Swetha, since 2019

Swetha, now a 5th-grade student at the orphanage, has a heartrending past: Born into a family locked in traditional beliefs and severe poverty, her birth as a second daughter was a source of distress for her parents, who were yearning for a son.
A subsequent tragic hut fire took the lives of her parents and left her older sister initially blind, then mortally ill, ultimately leading to her sister's untimely death.
Shuffled between relatives and treated as a burden, Swetha found respite when she was rescued and welcomed into the orphanage, where she began a new journey towards hope and a brighter future.

Shruti, now in Junior College

Shruti, was selected as one of ten girls from the orphanage to attend a prestigious school typically attended by more affluent students. This opportunity marked a significant shift from the previous ten years she spent at the orphanage where she had access to basic education, shelter, and meals. Initially, the transition stirred concerns about the future and her ability to maintain the new academic standards. Yet, with sustained support covering her educational and daily living expenses, Shruti is embracing her new environment and is more determined than ever to excel academically and secure a brighter future for herself.

Janaki, since 2019

Janaki, born on September 15, 2013, has been a part of our girls' orphanage since 2018. After losing her father, her ailing mother faced challenges as a day laborer, struggling to provide for Janaki and her two brothers.
Community leaders saw their plight and advised that Janaki be placed in the orphanage. At merely 5 years old, she found a compassionate home and a pathway to a brighter future here.
Your generous contributions play a key role in shaping success stories like Janaki's, offering hope and enhanced opportunities for children in need.

Yamini, since 2021

Yamini, born on June 19th, 2015, lost her mother early on and was abandoned by her father. Fortunately, a local villager brought her to our girls' orphanage, where she found a new sense of hope and joy.
Thanks to generous donations, Yamini and girls like her benefit from education, nutritious meals, and a nurturing atmosphere. Our orphanage's dedicated team and supporters have been instrumental in transforming lives like Yamini's. Your contributions are pivotal in crafting stories of hope and opportunity, not just for Yamini, but for many children in and around the orphanage.

Pavithra, since 2015

Pavithra, a student at the Girls Orphanage, experienced an unimaginable childhood. With her father in prison and mother tragically deceased, she was left in the care of indifferent relatives. A village elder noticed her struggle, leading to her admission in the orphanage. Here, Pavithra found an environment providing her with education and essential resources, a reality her elder sisters were unfortunately deprived of.
Thanks to donations, Pavithra and other girls like her have access to education, regular meals, and a caring environment.

Lavanya, now in Junior College

Lavanya, an orphan since the age of 8, found refuge in the orphanage. While conditions were challenging, with only a few damaged classrooms available until recently, her life changed significantly upon the intervention of a few dedicated benefactors.
After achieving good marks in 10th grade, Lavanya was among the few selected to further her education at the prestigious Narayana Junior College in Tirupati. Despite initial concerns and challenges, Lavanya has embraced the chance to gain higher education and is striving hard to excel in her studies to secure a brighter future.

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